Friday, December 4, 2009

Grippy Sox take two

i had grippy sox the blog for three years, and then it was absorbed into cyberspace! so here it goes again...

desperate financial times -- hubby got laid in the massive adobe blood bath (after 10 years!). trying to help bring in some money. i have several things for sale:

first, we have to sell our ArtFest spaces. we've paid the down payment of $300 each. we've signed up for lunch only, and shared officer's housing. not sure what the deal is with transferring that and our classes. the balance of $350 each is due by january 5th. please leave a comment or email me directly at if you are interested.

my ticket:
Thursday: Susan Lenart-Kazmer, Hollow Forms in Color
Friday: Karen Michel, Gridlock Wood Collage
Saturday: Jesse Reno, Free to Create
ALL OF THESE CLASSES ARE SOLD OUT so this package is a great steal!

mike's ticket:
Thursday: Theo Ellsworth, Mystery Doodling
Friday: Bee Shay, Sketch It/ Paint It
Saturday: Robert Smith, Illuminata

second, i am purging my paper collection. this is just a sample of random papers (cool new and used) scrapbook, handmade, vintage text, napkins, joss, stamps, stickers, magazine images, this and that. each pack is unique, and will fill a gallon size ziplock bag! great for the collage, altered, mixed media, and art journal artist. i have to ship flat rate priority mail box because it is really heavy and won't fit in anything else! a bargain at $25 plus $10.35 shipping. leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

third, i am selling my new, but opened, 2010 cloth paper scissors calendar. it retails for $14.95, but i will sell it for $10.95 plus shipping. leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

forth, i have a new artfire shop for my jewelry! a few things are listed right now, but i'll put up the rest over the weekend (i have a boutique today and will be taking these things with me).

it's nice to be back -- and blogger is so much easier to use than my old wordpress! yeah!

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