Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new mixed media doll house book

Mixed-Media Dollhouses: Techniques and Ideas for Doll-size Assemblages

i can't wait to get this book! it has been on my amazon wish list since i first heard of it.

lisa myers bulmash will be doing a book signing at barnes and noble. check it out if you are local. otherwise, order the book!

Time:5:00PM Friday, March 19th
Location:9304 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tons of stuff left

i still have TONS of paper to sell, as well as goodies, and radiant rain (see below). email me at shosh@hannahgrey.com if you are interested! a big thanks to everyone who has purchased -- we've been able to buy groceries with ease.

speaking of...hubby had the big interview with netflix today. it went well. fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lots more paper to purge!

sample pic of the paper packs i am selling from my personal paper purge. papers are selected at random (this one was for a specific person, hence the color palette) from new and used scrapbook, handmade, magazine pics, stickers, vintage, this and that. perfect for art journals and collage! $15 for a 2 1/2 gallon bag, plus $10.70 priority flat rate shipping (these are heavy). email me if you are interested shosh@hannahgrey.com

Thursday, February 4, 2010

more post-garage sale crafty goodness info.

now that we've had two garage sales, it is time to get serious about selling off what we can before trying ebay (which i hate), and donating. we need the money and the tax write-off! hubby got laid off in november, and times are getting tougher. way tougher. so i purged my art supplies and papers, and a lot of the hannah grey clearance inventory, stuff that never made it to the store, or in planned goodie bags.

here are pics and an update on what is available. i still haven't had time to group the stamps, take pics of everything, and there are more things i need to dig out. email me at shosh@hannahgrey.com if you are interested. THANKS!!!

stickles glitter glue are 50 cents each. http://www.rangerink.com/products/prod_decorativeglue_stickles.htm

colors: fruit punch, lavender, purple, aqua, dark blue, yellow, green, candy cane, holly, eucalyptus, cotton candy, baby blue, pink, magenta, lime green, waterfall, and orange peel. i have a few more colors that i will update later.

stewart gill acrylic paints are $3 each. http://www.stewartgill.com/online-shop-9-c.asp


alchemy: tranquility, white hot, opal, white mist, sea spray, fusion
pearlise: oyster, clamshell, rich bronze, black pearl, pearl white
meta mica: steel blue, sugarplum,meadowgrass, chestnut, pot pourri, brass, willow blue, verdegris, amourosa, bright copper, heathermist, plae gold, peach blush, pweter, secret garden, silver
colourise: rose, chestnut, sky, lemon, cerise

and then: fresco flakes in alabaster, bijoux in obsidian, and gilding chips in starlight

luminarte radiant rain shimmering mist sprays (liquid form of twinkling H20s) are $3 each. http://www.luminarteinc.com/catalog/radiant-rain.asp

colors: solar gold, jasper red, pewter, guatemalan green, and iridescent blue, green, red, gold, violet.

what i believe to be a full set of new angelwings radiant pearls paints (98 colors). these have been discontinued by the company. i'm selling this for $40, plus $10.70 medium priority flat rate box.

magazines: $5 for a medium priority mail flat rate box ($10.70 shipping). new from HG inventory and used from my stash (which may or may not have artist papers) cloth paper scissors, somerset studios and special pubs, and some misc.

goodies: $15 for a medium priority mail flat rate box ($10.70 shipping). OR $20 for a medium priority mail flat rate box ($10.70 shipping)... this is a combo of my personal destash and HG clearance/never made it online or in goodie bags.

2 1/2 gallon paper packs: $15 for a medium priority mail flat rate box ($10.70 shipping) from my personal stash. i used them for art journals, collage, and mixed media projects. combo of cool scrapbook paper, handmade, odds and ends, magazine images, postcards, collage images, napkins, etc.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

i have lots of things left from the garage sale and really need to sell the rest off! i haven't taken pictures, and won't be able to take pictures of individual things, just groupings of the general things i am offering as lots. whatever i don't sell, i'll have to donate as we need the money and the tax deduction! shipping prices are for US only. international will be much more as the boxes will be heavy! shoot me an email if you are interested. shosh@hannahgrey.com

for $5.00 plus $10.70 medium priority flat rate shipping you'll get a box of RANDOM new and used magazines (from hannah grey and my personal stash) -- somerset studios, their special issues, cloth paper scissors, and possible some random others.

for $15 plus $10.70 medium priority flat rate shipping you'll get a box stuffed with crafty goodness (embellishments and other misc. from hannah grey and my personal stash).

for $20 plus $14.50 large priority flat rate shipping you'll get a box stuffed with crafty goodness (embellishments and other misc. from hannah grey and my personal stash).

i also have a few select artsy books and a ton of mounted and unmounted stamps that i will try to explain in the next few days... thanks : )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new class from KELLY KILMER

i was able to take kelly's online class last year and LOVED it. worth every single penny. i promise.

A Life Made By Hand

Class runs from January 1st through June 30, 2010

Now taking sign ups

$50 (that’s about $8 a month! $ 0.28 a day!)

Journaling isn’t about pretty pages. It isn’t about creating a work of art, either. It’s about learning and exploring who you are. It’s about blending the idea of an artist’s sketchbook/workbook, self exploration and introspective diary keeping. It’s any and all of those things, and so much more.

It is a journal class, yet it's similar to all of my classes where the classes aren't just techniques that you can use in one single form of art but in every form of mixed media art. It's a hodge podge of a class-a mix of this and that. Students will receive a prompt every single day- they can take that idea and create a page (or even a scrapbook page, or an atc or canvas or any kind of mixed media project) in 15 minutes or less. The site where the prompts are posted will be loaded with photos, information, ideas, tips, tricks and techniques. It's going to be a wealth of information. It's journaling but I will also be focusing on teaching a plethora of collage techniques, demos and instructions in the class. The collage ideas that I like to offer are design and composition tips, tricks and techniques disguised as FUN collage pages (that will push and prod even the most experienced collage artist). The journal prompts aren't your average run of the mill writing prompts either. They are designed to make you think and to dive deep. I want them to relate to everyone and not just a handful of people. It's meant to be a fun class that anyone can do at any time. It's great if you can do a page a day, if not, the information is available for you to download and work at your own pace. It's not meant to be hard or to have any pressure. It's meant to inspire, nurture and encourage.

By the way, none of the prompts relate to a specific date. They are labeled with numbers, not dates so that they can be done at any time.

What you get-

181 prompts and more-one a day

Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Inspiration

Occasional videos

I’ll be working along with you so you will have access to my journal pages that I won’t be posting anywhere else

A Collage sheet every month for you to download and use for personal use


Detailed Instruction-PDF files for you to download, save and print

Full access to the site

Access and ability to upload your own journal pages

Access to member’s journal pages (think a library of inspiration!)

Yes! I will have a tutorial on creating your own journal for the class.

What do you need?

A Journal

a glue stick (I like coccoina, avery, scotch-anything labeled permanent)

a favorite pen-mine are: Sakura gelly roll glaze, Sakura Souffle, Latte and sweets pens, Zig Vellum and Writer pens, Faber Castell Pitt Pens (brush stroke, black), Sharpie Poster Paint pens (water based), Micron pens, uniball signo...you do not need all of these! Just a pen that will write on paint and paper!

Paper ephemera-collage papers for background and focal, images

Imagine a teacher at your disposal 24/7. It's like having your own private class with a group of close friends. Share. Learn. Play. Explore your life in 181 days.
181 pages. $ 0.28 a day

The site will be live on or around December 20th. No refunds after that date.

Gift certificates available for the holiday season!

Questions? Please email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

In the time that it took to read this, you could have done a page. ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

CHA bound

heading to CHA in a few weeks! hubby and i didn't get to go last year, and we can't afford to renew our membership this year, so i didn't think i'd get to go -- but with the help of barbe saint john and kim and jennifer from mystic paper -- i'll be there! whoo-hoo! it is important to know what is going on in the industry, the trends, and for hannah grey, what direction to not go in. i simply can't compete. can't compete with the Evil M. so i don't.

speaking of hannah grey, here is the current special: Happy New Year! To celebrate we have a new special for you -- take 25% off your order of $25 or more! Just enter coupon code TWENTYFIVE at checkout. Ends January 15th. This offer is not good on previously placed orders, unpaid orders, or orders placed without the coupon code. And...and extra bonus -- order #3180 will receive $25 of goodies!

i just listed some more jewelry on my artfire store. trying to subsidize our "income" since hubby got laid off from adobe in november. luckily he has some severance, so we're visualizing a job for him ASAP!